Friday, 22 April 2011

Brighton (Hove Actually): Bigots Welcome Here

"A lesbian couple are taking legal action against a hotel after they claimed they were turned away for being gay.
"Rebecca Nash, 22, and Hope Stubbings, 19, said they booked a double room at the Brunswick Square Hotel in Brighton by telephone.
"But when they arrived they were told by the manager that no rooms were available and that the hotel only accepted straight couples and families.
"A spokesman for the human rights group Liberty said the women were then ushered out of the hotel by the manager who became increasingly aggressive towards them..."

The Argus, Brighton (Again).

This, if true, is as hilarious as it is awful.*
The hotel is not far from Fagburn Mansions - though it's technically in Hove, it's still pretty near the heart of Gayland Central, Gayville.
I'll go round in a bit and shout "Boo!"

*Update: It might not be true - The Guardian. Oops!


  1. Why 'if true'?

  2. Cause I haven't been able to check it - no more, no less...

  3. Let's stage a kiss-in!

  4. Its good that this now makes the news.
    We are winning.

  5. If it turns out this isn't true and they've just cried homophobia - oh fuck

  6. I wouldn't be suprised if it is true, Hove is the most homophobic place in the UK. Fact.

  7. stop lying, lesbians!
    they bring shame on us all