Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Christianity: Rebranding Gay

“Stop using the word 'gay'... ‘Gay’ is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires. Gay identity does not exist.”

Mark Simpson Ryan Sorba, chair of the Young Conservatives of California, speaking at The Awakening conference in Lynchburg (sic), Virginia.
Suggested alternatives for "Gay";

•“Same-sex attraction”
•“Same-sex intercourse”
•“Unnatural vice”

You can watch some of Ryan's inspirational speech here.


  1. As soon as i read that quote i could tell that this bloke is an oppotunistic, paranoid armchair christian cunt.

    I'm laughing at him, join me......

  2. Christianity is stupid.