Saturday, 23 April 2011

Coronation Street: Wedding Balls

"CORONATION Street will screen its first gay wedding the day Prince William and Kate Middleton marry.
"The Street’s Sean Tully and Marcus Dent are due to tie the knot on April 29 in an hour-long spoiler to rival ­EastEnders’ marriage of Phil Mitchell to Shirley Carter."

The Daily Mirror, February 20th 2011.

"We've heard rumours of a gay marriage with Marcus... would you like to see that for Sean?"
"That was hilarious and totally made up by the papers - they even said we were getting married on the same day as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Great idea but not true at all. Who knows what the future holds for Sean, but a wedding is not on the cards at the moment..."

The Daily Mirror, April 22nd 2011.

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  1. they should get some filthy scally gay lads in it who film triga porn in front of everyone in the rovers during happy hour.
    instead boring boring middle class boring