Monday, 4 April 2011

Elton John Watch: Must Try Harder

"So far the baby really takes after me; he screams and cries when he doesn't get his way, and he's had his ups and downs with the bottle.
"The baby has had some feeding difficulties - he is rejecting the breast. And in that way he takes after both of his fathers."
"David and I had our child through a surrogate. Neither of us can become pregnant, though I promise you we tried our hardest."

Elton John - "piano virtuoso and confirmed bachelor" - part of his "hilarious" comic monologue on Saturday Night Live.
Most of the tabloids have lovingly reprinted chunks of this and some skits Elton appeared in - including one where he fought with the Queen and made a joke about Princess Diana's funeral.
He's such a card! etc etc etc.
The Daily Mail thought this was all of such import they appear to have transcribed the whole show - except the gag that alluded to Sir Elton and David Furnish fucking.

• Watch the episode here.

Update: See the Salon review by Drew Grant 'Saturday Night Live Hosted By Elton John's Homosexuality Late night comedy: still laughing at, not with, gay culture'

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