Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fagburn: Apropos Of Nothing 2 - Bradley Manning

I said I'd review this when I got a copy, and now I have.
It's no great shakes in the literary stakes, but it's a pretty good primer on Bradley Manning and why we must defend him.
Like anything about Bradley, it's a bit hamstrung by the "allegedly" thing, and there's not much more about the (gay) man you won't have read in other profiles - though Mitchell does make various connections about how Bradley's sexuality is instrumental in all this.
ie He's a queer hero (allegedly).
Buy it here.

• Oh, and thanks to Naomi and everyone behind UK Friends Of Bradley Manning for keeping up the heat that helped get Bradley moved.
Protest works!


  1. It's also a good idea to follow Naomi directly on the twitter.

    I would support Bradley 100% if he was found "guilty" of what they're accusing him of, but the "allegedly" is of vital importance for his own sake above all, isn't it?

  2. In a UK Court there are various recent cases of people being acquitted of account on exposing bigger crimes...

  3. The only evidence that he did it is a chat log with Adrian Lamo.
    ie. not much.
    I like Manning and have a lot of sympathy for him, and I'm appalled at the way he's being treated.
    I also think whoever leaked the documents did a heroic thing.
    But it's best not to confuse the two, just yet...