Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gareth Williams: Death Of A Welsh Spy

BBC Wales showed Gareth Williams: Death Of A Welsh Spy last night.
Watch it here.
Sian Lloyd-Jones, a "close friend" of Gareth Williams, spoke about the case for the first time.
"I think it's really important here for everything to be investigated - absolutely everything. I think it's about time now that the investigation is broadened.
"I feel the police did wrong around Christmas time when they released information about the [womens'] clothing, but didn't reveal that there was £10,000 of mountaineering equipment as well."
Fagburn's hunch about the latter is that he was into mountaineering, but the womens' clothing?
Lloyd-Jones believes they were too small for Williams, and were probably intended for her or his sister - an estimated value of £15,000 has been put on these clothes.
"The things that have been in the papers have been so hurtful. To read what has been written about him has completely broken my heart, and I know it would have broken Gareth's as well."
Lloyd-Jones says she does not think Williams was a cross-dresser or gay.
He was definitely Welsh, though, right?
So err... basically we're all still none the wiser.

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