Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Taxi Zum Klo: The Director's Cut

Seminal Germanic 1980 kinema verite gay filth fillum Taxi Zum Klo is back in the cinemas later this month in a special thirtieth anniversary Director's Cut [Insert penis gag later].
This event has its own Facebook page - there's a full list of UK cinemas screening it here.
And here's the trailer.
A straight friend took a date to see Taxi Zum Klo back in the day - I think he regretted not looking up "Klo" in the dictionary beforehand.


  1. Ooh, only just seen this post. Excellent news!!!
    I've got it uncut on VHS somewhere. It was shown on Film Four years ago. Wasn't it originally released in the UK relatively uncut anyway? I think the sex scenes in it were deemed non-gratuitous and essential to the story or something, which I always thought was surprising, given how prudish and conservative and, well... generally homophobic the BBFC seemed to be in those days.

  2. Whoops, I should've read your link before posting earlier. Details of all previous versions are there, including what was cut. I think it was the fact that an erection was allowed to remain in 1981 that surprised me in 2004, when I saw it on FilmFour.