Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gilbert & George: Drunk

"The artists Gilbert and George spent nearly a tenth of the Tate Gallery's annual entertainment budget during a single boozy 1970s lunch with curators, archive material shows. The curators' excuse? It was research.
"In 1974, Tate employees, including Anne d'Offay, wife of the influential art dealer Anthony d'Offay, entertained the pair with a lunchtime binge. The artists drank "the majority" of three bottles of wine and 12 glasses of vintage port. The corresponding expense claim, 8 per cent of the Tate's annual budget for entertaining, angered senior figures at the gallery.
"Unfortunately, Gilbert and George consumed an astronomical amount of drink," said Mrs d'Offay, the Tate curator who submitted the expenses claim. "You can imagine that it was impossible to stop them ordering without creating a rumpus. By continuous questioning under the guise of hospitality we extracted a good deal of important information," Mrs d'Offay added.

From The Independent.
The meal for five people cost £31.27.

Here's a clip of Gilbert & George's 1971 short film, Gordon's Makes Us Drunk - now owned by Tate Modern.


  1. £31 in 1974 was like £789,574 in today's money!!!
    What a pair of shits!

  2. Almost enough to buy one of their pictures.