Sunday, 17 April 2011

Going Bald: That's So Gay

Author Tim Lott manages to spin out a very lengthy feature in The Observer Magazine on getting his hair cut.
He's going bald so has decided to get a crop - and meditates about the meaning of hair and masculinity.
He gets his hairy history a bit arse over tit by suggesting there were only gay skinheads in the 80s and 90s, until along came hetero meterosexual men like David Beckham.
And how can Lott neglect to mention the best masculinity crisis caused by hair loss of all time, Mark Oaten, former Lib Dem MP and leadership contender?
“I was turning 40 and I really felt that I was losing my youth. The problem was undoubtedly compounded by my dramatic loss of hair in my late thirties.”
This terrible human tragedy drove Mark Oaten into the arms of a young Polish rent boy and getting him to perform "a gross act of humiliation, which only a few punters ask for... too disgusting to be described in a family newspaper.”
Maybe he gave him a mullet?

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