Thursday, 7 April 2011

Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary

'Was Malcolm X Gay?' asks the legally brain-dead Perez Hilton.
"According to a new book about the civil rights leader, the answer is YES!"
Umm. No, it's not, dear.
'Malcolm X was bisexual and his REAL killer escaped justice, claims leading black scholar', shouts the Daily Mail - showing what they think's the biggest story in the new biography by Manning Marable.
Okay, so the man who murdered Brother Malcolm got away with it, but what's all this about Malcolm X and the same-sexing?
"The book, written by one of New York's foremost African-American scholars, says Malcolm X had a relationship with a white businessman."
And that's all the Mail will tell us.
Not to worry, Malcolm X: The Man Behind the Myth is the cover story in The Guardian's G2 section today - I'm sure Hugh Muir will dish.
"There is virtual confirmation of the claim that in his pre-Nation of Islam hustling days, Malcolm Little, as he was, hired himself out as source of sexual gratification for an older white male benefactor. The story is recounted in the autobiography, but there the hustler is a third party called Rudy. Rudy, according to the autobiography, would 'be paid to undress them both, then pick up the old man like a baby, lay him on his bed, then stand over him and sprinkle him all over with talcum powder. Rudy said the old man would actually reach his climax from that.' Based on 'circumstantial but strong evidence, Malcolm was probably describing his own homosexual encounters,' Marable says."
Is that it?
I'm not even sure that counts as sex, does it?
And if it's ever actually confirmed, does it tell us anything about young Malcolm beyond him being poor and needing some money and being prepared to get some by any means necessary?
I haven't felt so underwhelmed since yesterday's story about the deleted sentence in From Here To Eternity.
They'll be telling us Gandhi possibly may or may not have had a bit of gay sex next.

• Some say there's quite a bit more to Malcolm X's homosexing than this. See 'Malcolm X - Gay Black Hero? On Malcolm X's 80th birthday, Peter Tatchell reveals the hidden gay past of the American black nationalist leader'.
Peter Tatchell has a poster of Denzel Washington as Malcolm X in his loo, incidentally.

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