Thursday, 21 April 2011

Christopher Jefferies: Taking On The Tabloids

Fagburn is really pleased to hear that Chris Jefferies is suing The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Express, Daily Mail and the Daily Record for libel and invasion of privacy.


  1. Tatchell tries to take over popular dissent - yet again.

  2. He is a wanker, ask anyone that's been involved in gay activisism with HIM!

  3. hmm, disappointing. I've been a fagburn reader for a while but not anymore. Good night.

  4. Although I have respect for Peter Tatchell for some of the things he has done in the past, in other cases his priorities mystify me. Sometimes there is a sense that he is just jumping onto the latest bandwagon.

    In August 2004 I sent Peter Tatchell an email asking for his help tackling Manchester Pride. He replied suggesting that I should contact The Pink Paper. That publication was never going to take up this as a cause and he must have known that.

    So, we have him campaigning for gay marriage. Despite the fact we have civil partnerships and there were only 6,281 of those in 2009. Compare to the number of LGBT people who are excluded from the tourism and business-driven 'Pride' event in Manchester with its £22.50 tickets (£12.50 if you buy two months in advance).

    If 10% of the population is LGBT that is 260,000 in Greater Manchester. Pride sells 35,000-45,000 tickets and more than half of those to tourists and heterosexuals I believe.

    On the Manchester Pride site, Peter Tatchell is listed as a 'friend' of Manchester Pride and has appeared at Pride events in recent years.

    But, last August, after young people and students had begun campaigning on the issues in 2008 and 2009, up popped Peter for the first time and six years after I first emailed him, with a few words criticising the event.

    Hundreds of thousands of LGBT people in the UK are being negatively impacted by the hideous over-commercialisation of every aspect of our community and the hijacking of our events by marketing people for business and tourism purposes. Our gay press doesn't function properly anymore and LGBT programmes on TV have disappeared.

    Some of the moves for equality and inclusiveness have merely destroyed our safe spaces and been used as a justification for more profit-making.

    The crime street maps for January and February this year shows that Manchester's gay village is now the worst spot in the whole city centre for violent crime. Eight men were held by police after a stabbing last month...

    So, Peter Tatchell, how about using some of your influence and notoriety to tackle these major issues?

  5. "So, Peter Tatchell, how about using some of your influence and notoriety to tackle these major issues?"

    Cos there's no glory in our little struggles.

  6. I've been reading Fagburn for 5 years but now I've actually learnt to read I can't believe half the stuff you write.
    It's so gay!

    good day, sir...

  7. @Anonymous - it's a question of priorities and why some people choose to focus on high profile attention-grabbing causes that stand to benefit very few in the immediate future. While on a daily basis hundreds of thousands of us are negatively affected by issues that are more difficult to tackle and not so immediately popular.

  8. Peter Tatchell was very good on Newsnight taking about the gay blood ban...