Sunday, 24 April 2011

Quote Of The Day: Alex Salmond

“I’ve never asked Brian.”

Scotland's First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, when asked by the Sunday Herald if homophobic cunt Brian Souter would approve of Salmond's (half-hearted) support for gay marriage.
Brian Souter, the multi-millionaire owner of the Stagecoach group, is currently bankrolling the SNP to the tune of £500,000.
Salmond told the Herald;
"I am [in favour].
“I’m very much against imposing it on any religion. But... if a denomination is prepared to accept gay marriage then I’m in favour of it, yes.
“My personal feeling would be to tend towards it. But we’ll put it out to consultation.”

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  1. Souter is a cunt - ugly too.
    What was it Orwell said?