Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Richard Littlejohn: The Edited Column

Two snapshots of modern, multicultural Britain. In Wakefield, an electrician is threatened with the sack for displaying a palm cross in his van. A couple of hundred miles south, in Tower Hamlets, a pharmacy assistant is threatened with death unless she wears a Muslim headscarf.
Both are extreme examples of ‘diversity’ in action... equality nazis.
Remember the British Airways worker... a modest crucifix... hijab... Islamic faith.
Hoteliers, foster parents, teachers and a devout Christian registrar have all had their lives ruined in the name of ‘tolerance’... latest in a catalogue of Christians singled out for persecution... overgrown Wolfie Smith wannabe... blood-stained revolutionary Che Guevara... environmental manager, whatever that is.
heinous ‘crime’... equality and diversity manager... Stalinist zeal.
Except, of course, Christianity... no problem if an employee wanted to wear a burka to work.
'The Equality Act 2010.’ Harriet Harman’s grotesque piece of social engineering... forces organisations to carry out ‘equality impact assessments’ on everything from staffing ratios to the effect of spending cuts on minorities.
embraced messianically throughout the land by the vast apparatus of ‘diversity’ enforcers... a never-ending political crusade.
‘diversity days’... Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Group... invited the imam from the Wakefield Central Mosque to address staff.
Why should taxpayers be expected to indulge his political prejudices?
‘Diversity manager’... outrageous persecution... professional agitators drawn from the ranks of the Guardianistas... want to stamp out Christianity in Britain... self-righteous, guilt-ridden white Leftists and hard-line Islamists.
mad mullahs... Militant Muslims... establish a sharia state in East London... cheered on by Leftists... toxic mix of Islamist fanaticism and revolutionary socialism.
And in the name of ‘diversity’ the Left cheerfully overlook rabid hatred of homosexuals and the subjugation of women by Islamists.
31-year-old Asian shop assistant is now in fear of her life... visited by extremists...
The Tower Hamlets Taliban... the pernicious, officially-sanctioned cult of multiculturalism.
Mustn’t upset the community...
symptoms of a much wider malignant disease.
This week it is an electrician from Wakefield and a shop assistant. Who will be next to be sacrificed on the altar of ‘diversity’?

You can read Richard Littlejohn's column in full in The Daily Mail
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