Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stickergate: Some Elementary Comments

Someone has put a few crappy anti-gay stickers up in east London.
It's hardly the Reichstag fire, is it?
So what does this story feed into that's made it flare up?
It has exposed a faultline that reminds me of the trial of OJ Simpson - many made up their mind who did this the second they heard.
It's also brought a lot of gay racists out the woodwork/closet/dungheap.
If someone keeps mentioning that people are "brown-skinned", it's fairly safe to assume they have a problem with brown-skinned people.
Looking at messageboards it's clear that gay racists would be thrilled if this could be blamed on a Muslim.
And if "no-one's talking about Muslim homophobia", why do I keep reading articles about it - from the usual reactionary suspects?
Has even one article about gay Islamophobia been published in the wake of Stickergate?
At the time of typing we do not know who put the stickers up.
One thing we do now know as a result of Stickergate is that the English Defence League tried to exploit it as a way of picking up support from gay men.
If they weren't behind it the EDL would have welcomed it.
To stir up or celebrate division between oppressed groups is the morality and tactics of Charles Manson.
I wish I could end on an upbeat Pollyanna/Pangloss note, but I can't think of anything good that's come out of all this.

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