Monday, 25 April 2011

Things We Learned Today: Top Ten Sex-Related Searches Online

1. Youth (13.5%)
2. Gay (4.7%)
3. MILFs (4.3%)
4. Breasts (4%)
5. Cheating wives (3.4%)
6. Female genitalia (2.8%)
7. Male genitalia (2.4%)
8. (Censored by the book authors) [I think this was censored by the Mail - see below]
9. Bottoms (0.9%)
10. Cheerleaders (0.1%)

From the book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts, which claims to have analysed a billion internet searches, chart from The Daily Mail who secretly love all this stuff.
Interesting fact: The most viewed page on Fagburn is this - a critical look at recent research into safer sex practices amongst gay and bisexual men in Europe.
It's also the only post on here with "Young gay men" as a tagline, and has a photo of a young gay man looking like he's about to give another young gay man a blowie.
Go figure.
The book comes praised by Steven Pinker, so it's probably quite good and serious and that.
Here's a breakdown of some differences between what gay and straight men hunt for online - note the different terminology from The Mail.
And here is an accompanying essay by Ogi Ogas; The Striking Sexual Similarities Of Gay And Straight Men.


  1. What are your favourite sex-related internet search terms, please?
    Thank you.

  2. Has anyone ever searched for "male genitalia" or "penises"?

  3. Sometimes i search for all of those at once. :)

  4. Are there any other kind of online searches?

  5. "What are your favourite sex-related internet search terms, please?"

    In no particular order...

    1. Cock
    2. Uncut
    3. Bareback
    4. Asian
    5. Interracial
    6. Chav
    7. Scally
    8. Spitroast
    9. Blowjob
    10. Swallow
    11. Pickled gherkins
    12. Facial
    13. Triga
    14. Matt Hughes
    15. Filthy cumbucket piss-drinking slut

  6. Mine...

    1. Young.
    2. Gay.
    3. Like a horse.
    4. Arthur Marshall.
    5. Blimey.