Saturday, 9 April 2011

Thought For The Day 3: A Lib Dem Intern

"It’s not so bad, being a Lib Dem intern. To be honest, when I applied, I expected more sexual pestering than this. Not that I’d have minded. Back then, a year ago, that was pretty much the only reason anybody wanted to be a Lib Dem. “Play your cards right,” they said, at the careers office, “and you could end up as the secret gay lover of a prominent front-bench spokesman, possibly being kept in a dungeon.” It didn’t work out like that. The election happened, and by the time I’d graduated, there was actual work to do. Nobody saw that coming."

Hugo Rifkind in The Times.
This is supposed to be satire by the way.
If I was the son of former Tory Cabinet Minister, Malcolm Rifkind, I'd steer clear of making jokes about internships, social mobility and nepotism, but there you go...

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