Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Wanted: Not Glad To Be Gay

"THE Wanted's Max put the record straight yesterday after the boys in the band tweeted he was gay.
"The heartthrob, who is dating Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan, was bombarded with messages from people quizzing him on his sexuality.
"The frenzy was sparked when the rest of the group hijacked his Twitter page to write: 'I like boys. Can all the boys in the audience tonight shout I'm out and proud.'
Max said: 'There's no problem with being gay but I just want to set the record straight - I am into girls. Michelle will think it's funny.'"
- The Daily Record.
Hilarious stuff guys! That's Max on the left. I supect pixie-faced Nathan - on the right - may be tweeting something similar soon...


  1. I think the two on the right are gay. Wish the one in the middle was. :(

  2. Oops! Mistake in the above now corrected...

  3. You suspect nathan or you wish.....

    Anyway someone tweeted he's gay and he said that it's not true and that they're all straight.

    Just keep praying for tom daley and the biebmeister.

  4. I suspect Nathan is gay in the same way I suspect Stephen K. Amos is black.

  5. Is the dude in the middle blind?
    Everyone else is looking into the camera... :©