Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Where Are They Now? Joe McElderry

"SIMON COWELL tipped JOE McELDERRY to become the British version of ZAC EFRON after he won X Factor in 2009.
Sadly, these days the Geordie would struggle to get a part in Byker Grove if the show was still on telly.
"It was never the same after Spoogie left.
"Joe's current status in the pop world was summed up at the weekend when he supported JEDWARD at a free outdoor concert in Lisburn, Co Antrim..."

The SUN.
Actually JOE McELDERRY got double billing as a "headline act" at The Mayor's Carnival Concert, but why not kick a gay man when he's down?
Little Joe was welcomed to Northern Ireland with a piece in the Belfast Telegraph; "So where did it all go wrong for McElderry and can the cute wannabe crawl his way back?
"Some insiders believe McElderry's decision to announce that he was gay might have gone against him in his US bid for stardom."
The Sun's sister paper, The News Of The World, had a big hand in fucking up Joe's career with their constant snide jokes about his sexuality before he felt ready to come out.
Camping from £1?

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  1. How snide is that Belfast Telegraph headline?
    "Cute"? Wannabe"? "Crawl"?