Friday, 17 June 2011

Alan Hollinghurst: Why I Write Such Boring Books

"Before The Swimming-Pool Library, it didn't seem to me that Alan and being gay was particularly happy. A lot of it revolved around opera."

Alan Jenkins on Alan Hollinghurst, The Guardian.
Alan H has a new novel out - The Stranger's Child - which neither you nor I shall ever read.
Mainly on account of him making even being cuntificated for the first time on Ecstasy sound as dull as being stuck at the bus-stop in the rain.
Still, I imagine his new book is verily packed with bourgeois fun.


  1. Just how boring are this chap's books then?

  2. Imagine two clackers slowly descending into a scrotum on a cold day, then minus it.
    Without the knackers.
    That Boring. :(

  3. Have you read him?

  4. A couple of his books, yes. I'm looking forward to it. Though he is obsessed with wealth and possessions, and some of his characters I wouldn't want to meet if they were real... I find his books very enjoyable to read.

  5. I haven't read any of the books, but I thought the BBC adaptation of The Line of Beauty a few years back was very good.