Tuesday, 14 June 2011

EastEnders: Again!? Oh FFS!!!

The Daily Mail is positively fucking fuming today!!!
'EastEnders sparks uproar with gay bedroom scene before the watershed'
How very peculiar that the Mail failed to notice this "uproar" when the scene was broadcast a fortnight ago.
The Mail also failed to notice the "audience backlash" when a message putting the dampeners on this supposed "backlash" was posted on the BBC Complaints website last week.
I guess the Mail only noticed this non-story after a record-breakingly stupid piece was published by The Guardian online on Sunday;
'The EastEnders furore shows gay equality is still a long way off'
But there was no furore - before this pointless piece was published by The Guardian, only the freesheet Metro had bothered to write about it.
But anyway, do go on...
"At least 125 viewers complained that a scene featuring the characters Christian Clarke and Syed Masood was inappropriate for the show’s pre-watershed slot.
"The pair were lying in bed together, with no tops on, and bedclothes pulled up to their chests. The two characters, who are trying to adopt and are planning a civil ceremony, also shared a brief kiss..."
And how has the Mail chosen to illustrate this?
With two screengrabs showing the pair lying in bed together, with no tops on, and bedclothes pulled up to their chests, one of which - above - shows them sharing a brief kiss.
Oh dear...
The Mail also quotes freely from the nutter magnet that is the BBC's messageboards;
"I’m not a homophobe but really do not want to see gay men in bed naked and kissing, especially whilst my ten-year-old daughter is sitting with me, before the watershed. Might be socially acceptable to some but there is a time and place and definitely not before nine o’clock, confusing my kids. There was no warning."
Well said, nutter!
How ironic that the most headbangingly annoying non-story since the Mail's made-up story about a "pre-watershed gay kiss ban" involves a twisted non-story that ultimately rests on the BBC trying to patiently explain that there is and will be no pre-watershed gay kiss ban.

Update: And then the Mail's story gets regurgitated in today's Evening Standard; 'BBC defends EastEnders gay scene after receiving 125 complaints' AARGGHH!!!!!!!!

Update 2: And finally... at 1.40pm Tuesday, this is puked up yet again with the same homophobic spin as the Mail story it's lifted from by the useless Jessica Geen at Pink News. Resign!

Update 3; The Daily Star noticed the "TELLY FANS FURY" on Wednesday.


  1. FFS!

    Like pissing in the wind.....and as for that cunt going on about confusing his kids....you...fucking fuck.

  2. Pink News was once again very slow off the mark wit the the story.

    I checked the printed edition of the Daily Mail today (in the shop) and noticed they'd used a completely different pic with the two fully clothed and not in bed together.

  3. Yup, Pink News were very slow off the mark - as usual.
    And - as usual - had the wrong take on the story.
    I've said it before and I wish I didn't have to keep saying it but what is the point of gay media if the people who write for it are incapable of reporting homophobic bias in the tabloids - but just repeat it.