Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gareth Williams Murder: Follow The Money

Can it really be six whole months since the Mail has run a story about Gareth Williams?
You remember - the "murdered MI6 spy"/"body in the bag" guy.
I used to enjoy the regualar updates on "the spy who knew too much" from the newspaper that knew fuck-all.
Poor Mr Williams is back in The Mail On Sunday today.
Trust me - you really only need to read the headline;
'Did Russian mafia kill the body-in-a-bag spy? MI6 man found dead in holdall in London, was developing secret technology to track gangsters' laundered cash'
And guess where this is from?
That's right! "A source".
"Neither GCHQ nor the Metropolitan police would discuss the new information."
That's probably cause they know a newspaper quoting an anonymous source is about as reliable as quoting a bottle of tomato sauce.
The MoS tell us that;
"His family reject claims that their fitness-fanatic son was gay and have been angered at the way the police allowed his private life to dominate their inquiry.
"The inquest into Mr Williams’ death – which sparked several outlandish conspiracy theories – will resume in September..."
Oh you mean like the "several outlandish conspiracy theories" IN THE DAILY MAIL AND THE MAIL ON SUNDAY???
Like this one today?


  1. he was definitely going bald.
    that's a FACT.