Thursday, 23 June 2011

Israel/Palestine: More Pinkwash

Peter Tatchell released a statement on Monday condemning the decision of the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO) to hold its General Assembly in Tel Aviv this December as "divisive, exclusionist, mistaken and regrettable..."
"Since human rights are universal, we cannot divorce LGBTI rights from the national rights of the Palestinian people. These are two aspects of the same struggle for universal human rights.
"It is true that on LGBTI rights Israel is, by far, the most progressive nation in the region. However, human rights should not be viewed from a gayist perspective. LGBTI rights do not trump all other human rights."
Admirable sentiments, of course.
There's a predictably silly piece in The Jewish Chronicle; 'Peter Tatchell under fire for gay meeting attack'.
The only gay media that have covered this appear to be some blogs and Midlands Zone.
Pink News and Pink Paper usually reprint any statement from Peter Tatchell pretty much verbatim.
How strange they have both decided to ignore this one...

• See also Que(e)rying the Israel-linked a statement by Arab queers

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