Monday, 13 June 2011

Meet David Sedaris: Countdown Is Progressing...

The new series of Meet David Sedaris starts on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 10am.
The station also appear to be repeating the first series - completely at random.
I bet they still won't get anyone to listen to Radio 4 Extra regularly, though.
Did I ever tell you about the time I met David?
He gave me a banana. *SIGHS*


  1. How in god's name did you end up getting a banana from David Sedaris!?

    I'd quite happily receive David Sedaris' banana.

  2. He gave me one, silly.

  3. I'd have to put it with all the other bananas I've received from celebrities, though.
    I've quite a few...

    Still, I understand your excitement.
    The first banana is always the most exciting!

  4. I was going to keep the skin, but it began to turn to mush in my bag.
    He also gave me a bottle of Evian water - which I have unopened on my desk before me.
    Sometimes I touch it and think positive thoughts.

  5. So, he gave you a phallic-shaped fruit and a repository for the dissemination of fluids???
    Talk about signals!!!

    If I was Hugh, I'd be very worried indeed...

    No, that's fantastic. I'd be too nervous to even speak to him. :(

  6. I was!
    Like a schoolgirl!!!
    I think he gave me the banana to break the embarrassing silence. :(