Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sir Brian Souter: For Services To Homophobia

Should anyone be surprised when someone who's done some really shitty things gets a big-up in the Honours List?
Of course not - it's kinda what they're there for.
They celebrate an empire for one thing.
But still, giving Brian Souter a knighthood FFS?
In 2000 Brian Souter, multi-millionaire founder and owner of the Stagecoach bus company, spent £1 million bankrolling Keep The Clause, a campaign to stop the repeal of Section 28 in Scotland.
So who fixed it for Mr Souter to get a gong this time round?
Could it be connected to his recent £500,000 donation to the Scottish National Party?
Do tell us Alex Salmond, do tell...

Here's the hilarious official statement sent out by Brian Souter's PR people.

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