Monday, 27 June 2011

Sirens: Warning Sign

Channel 4 tonight.
New comedy about ambulance workers - the cabin crew of the lay-by.
The one on the left is the gay one.
But he doesn't like all the gays.
How modern!
I'll be watching it cause Rhys Thomas - dude on the right - is a comedy genius and he makes me broody.
Could be great, might be not be, who can say!?
Review later...


  1. Excellent. Thanks.
    Rhys Thomas makes my tummy go all gooey.

  2. I so want to do things to Rhys Thomas that one one of us ends up in an ambulance.

  3. I saw this tonight.
    It's a bit weird. Hour long, mostly drama, but with comedy throughout.
    Really good, though.
    The actor who plays the gay dude - Richard Madden - is bloody gorgeous.
    Saw Rhys Thomas in the nuddy too. No cock shot, though.