Monday, 20 June 2011

The Weakest Link: Uncut

"CATTY TV host Anne Robinson has been blasted for telling a vicar his tunic looked "gay" on The Weakest Link.
Rev Peter Hayler, 45, appeared on Wednesday's show in a colourful shirt specially made to fit with his dog collar.
"During filming, cruel Anne, 66, asked him "was the shirt gay?". She then said: "I thought you had come from a vicars and tarts party."
"Her comments were cut from the episode aired on BBC1 - and Rev Hayler had the last laugh when he went on to win...
Bewildered Rev Hayler, of Cambridge University's Great St Mary's Church, said: "I was accused of tactically voting and she called me a liar five times.
"She said 'was the shirt gay?'. I should have said 'yes, it's brightly coloured'."

The Sun.

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