Friday, 22 July 2011

Brighton Alternative Pride: Fuck Tha Police

"A former Brighton Council employee who used Facebook to invite friends to join him on Brighton Beach for a picnic on Saturday, August 13 after the Pride Parade had finished, has been served with a 'Notice to abate a statutory nuisance environmental protection act order' at his home which could result in a fine of £20,000 if not observed.
"Waiyne Jones set up a page on Facebook inviting friends to join him on the beach for a picnic rather than pay an entrance fee for Preston Park where he considered the conditions of entry to the park an infringement of his civil liberties..."

From GScene.
Fagburn on the privatisation of Brighton Pride - and Sussex Police's role in it.
It was the police who pushed for Brighton Pride to be made a ticketed event.
Makes it easier to police, and they charge to attend paid-for events, unlike free ones/protests.
On the free alternative beach party etc; Brighton & Hove Community Pride.
Remember: It's your beach - you don't need permission for anything.

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