Sunday, 31 July 2011

Brighton Pride: Out Of Their Minds

Just two weeks to go until Brighton Pride weekend.
When Fagburn sees things like this quite dreadful amateurish poster for the "official" gay-for-pay event, I start thinking that there must be some "Springtime For Hitler" thinking behind it all.
Are the organisers deliberately trying to put on a Pride event so awful that no-one will go?
Seems to be working - I understand tickets are still sticking to the shelves.
In an act of what looks like desperation they've now just announced a new headline act, Alexandra Burke from off X Factor.
She's now headlining over the previous headliner, Joe McElderry from off X Factor.
Well woopy-fucking-doo!
Are the organisers unaware that a few years ago Brighton Pride decided to ditch the live stage after a survey showed no-one gave a flying fuck about it and its cavalcade of hopeless hasbeens and never-will-bes?
See you at the alternative Brighton Community Pride party on the beach - we'll make our own entertainment, thank you.

Update: 'Loud music and barbecue ban for beach party follows controvesy surrounding police and council's heavy handed tactics to attempt to stop Beach Picnic during Pride' Gscene.

Update 2: 'Thousands attend beach party...' GScene.


  1. I'm not sure if I want to go to either of these, is it worth it?

  2. Last year's official event was depressing and boring enough.
    Looking forward to the beach.

  3. That poster is beyond shite.