Thursday, 7 July 2011

Scottish Daily Express: White Tie And Nancy Boys

Missed this - it only appeared in the Scottish edition.
Private Eye writes;
"Sadly, Richard Desmond's attendance at Elton John and Richard Furnish's White Tie and Tiara Ball - held as The Express put it, "at the couple's Berkshire home, which they share with their six-minth-old son Zacahry" - came a few days too early for guests to be be able to discuss a fascinating item which appeared in one of his titles this week.
The Hickey column, The Scottish Daily Express.
It appears to have been removed from the website.
It may not have been, but the website's shit and the search engine doesn't work.

Private Eye's Number Crunching adds;
Number of photos of White Tie & Tiara Ball co-Host David Furnish in OK! magazine's coverage of the event - 5.
Number of photos of OK! proprietor Richard Desmond in OK! magazine's coverage of the event - 9.

Also curiously currently unavailable/findable on The Daily Express website is their star columnist Ann Widdecombe's words on hearing Elton John and David Furnish had had a baby;
"You don't have to be homophobic to shudder!"
But it helps!!! etc etc etc

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  1. Homosexual is the politically correct term my arse!

    It's the official term, as i have stated on several occasions. Thank you.