Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Daily Express: In Defence Of David Starkey

The Daily Express has leapt to the defence of David "Enoch" Starkey today;
'Dark Past Of The Rudest Man on TV'
Were you disgusted by his vile racist outburst on Newsnight on Friday night?
The Express's Anna Pukas wasn't - she thought it "was Dr David Starkey, aka Dr Rude, doing what he does best: giving voice to what the rest of us keep hidden in our thoughts."
Oh dear. Speak for yourself, dear.
"This was Starkey at his most provocative."
And most racist - you forgot to say racist.
The BBC has received more than 700 complaints about Dr Racist's comments.
But bravely the Express sought to understand where his "anger" comes from.
His difficult relationship with "his domineering mother", apparently.
Why thank you, Dr Freud.
It's a wonderful and enlightening piece all round - and it would be churlish to say that Anna Pukas's idea of "research" appears to have involved little more than reading David Starkey's Wikipedia page.
Well done to the both of you.
Well done!

'It was like Enoch Powell meets Alan Partridge' Owen Jones in the New Statesman.

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  1. What has changed is that the embittered snarling that was once confined to pub corners and fuming blogs now stands a chance of becoming government policy. Irrational screaming has become legitimate, and it's in this context we should see David Starkey.

    The riots were caused, apparently, by black culture, and we can get round the fact some rioters were white by saying they'd turned black, and get round the fact most black people don't riot by saying they've turned white. You could use that logic to prove that being Welsh causes boats to capsize, or that everything alive is a penguin. Take away the title historian, and he's one more purveyor of loud incoherent gibberish.

    Mark Steel - The Independent