Sunday, 28 August 2011

David Cameron: The Changing Man

"Labour is developing a new strategy to paint David Cameron as an old-style, traditional Tory, according to confidential documents obtained by the Observer, as the parties prepare to do battle during the coming conference season. The opposition believes the prime minister has abandoned the centre ground in recent months to adopt a more orthodox conservative stance on issues such as law and order, immigration and welfare..."
"The two-and-half-page paper written by the MP Shaun Woodward, a former Tory frontbencher and now head of Labour's anti-Tory attack unit, and circulated among senior Labour officials, lays bare the areas where the opposition now believes Cameron is vulnerable..."
"[It reads]'Of course, in discussing how we frame out messages on the Conservatives it is important that anything we say is credible. We should not ignore there has been limited change on issues such as their attitude to gay rights and an attempt to embrace other aspects of a progressive social liberal agenda.
"But here is the paradox: whilst the Tories made changes before the election – intended to convince the public they were compassionate – since the election (and especially in the last few months) the Tories have taken major strides back towards their ideological roots. Buffeted by events, there is a growing incoherence between 'liberal conservatism' and the increasingly shrill language the Tories are using as they vacate the centre ground."

The Observer.
It doesn't seem Cameron is personally homophobic, but he was quite happy to talk crap about Section 28 when he was standing for election.
A disgraceful amoral opportunist.
The paper's author Shaun Woodward conversely quit the Conservative Party in 2000 because of the opposition front benches opposition to repealing the odious Section 28.
If this Tory-led goverment can seriously consider reactionary and insane changes to the abortion laws, they're probably more than capable of anti-gay stuff, too.
Witness their recently amplified chatter about single parents, that blamed the riots on "family breakdown".
But on the plus side how about that half-price entry to Legoland offer!?

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