Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dirk Bogarde: He Who Dared

"What a gripping film – melodramatic and self-conscious, yes, but forthright and bold. Its tendency to show homosexuality as a tragic, pitiable quirk of nature may now look like condescension, but for the time this was real risk-taking. It has some of the earnestness of the traditional "issue" movie, but it's also a drum-tight thriller with a neat twist in the tail. Some characters, notably a kindly liberal police inspector, voice rather elaborate campaigning sentiments about how the unreformed law is just a blackmailers' charter. But there's some succinct point-making too: the same inspector, bemused by his sergeant's loathing of homosexuals..."

Insightful piece by Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian Film Blog.

He Who Dared: A Dirk Bogarde Season starts at the BFI tonight.


  1. Interesting footnote: in 2004 when a campaign began in Lebanon to repeal the law against "unnatural" sex, the campaign was launched with a showing of Bogarde's film, Victim.