Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fagburn: No Homo News Day

Still hunting for something worth commenting on in today's papers and/or new media.
If there's nothing I'll see you tomorrow.
In the meantime here's an interview with Dan Savage on, an interview with MediaLens on NLP about putting Hackgate in perspective, and Naomi Klein putting the riots in perspective in The Nation.

• Image from Fashion Cats published by Vice Books. Out now!!!


  1. Queerty has a piece today about two gay films just released on DVD that they urge us to avoid because they're crap.
    Turns out the two "gay films" are a straight romantic comedy where one of the straight characters has one scene where he acts slightly effeminately to deter a female admirer and the second film is even more straight but one of its stars is Neil Patrick Harris.
    That's gay news when you've got advertisers to please!

  2. UPDATE!!!!! Still nada.