Sunday, 28 August 2011

Gadaffi: At Last A Gay Angle!

'Libya: Colonel Gaddafi's son locked up his best pal for rejecting his gay advances'

Sunday Mirror

'Inside Gaddafi Compound: Gay Porn, Spinning Teacups, Golden Mermaid Sofa…Condoleezza Rice'

The Blaze.

"Jalloud said he thought Qaddafi was either hiding in a modest house in Tripoli, on the Algerian border or in his hometown of Sirte, heading eventually for the desert, possibly dressed as a woman."

Fox News.

Please rememember that anything you read about Libya and the Gadaffis at the current time may be nonsense.
I could be wrong but there doesn't appear to be a gay porn DVD with the title given, Boyz Tracks...

Anyway, here's a piece by the great Robert Fisk in The Independent.

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