Tuesday, 30 August 2011

George & Kenny: G.A.Y. D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Obviously not much happened over the Bank Holiday Weekend, apart from half the Middle East and the Maghreb being on fire, and Europe about to go bankrupt.
So today most of the tabloids went with '[GEORGE] MICHAEL OPENS UP ABOUT PAINFUL LOVE SPLIT'
Yog confirmed he'd split up with his lover of 15 years, Kennny Goss - or "Handsome Texan Kenny Goss" as the tabloids like to call him - onstage at the first night of his comeback tour in Prague last week.
How long ago they actually separated is a matter of much conjecture.
Over the weekend he offered a series of slightly odd, though emotional
tweets on Twitter*
I do get the feeling the the papers have an army of "work experience" interns who spend the whole day just trawling through celebrities' Twitter accounts looking for stories/tittle-tattle.

"For the few of you that might care, I don't lie to you ever. When I called [Matthew] Wrights Show in March I told him 3 things. That Kenny had not left me, that he had never threatened to, and that i still loved him. All of those three things remain true.
"Love is not always enough when the past isn't finished with us. Kenny and I have learnt that the hard way, and it put us both, and unfortunately others, especially our loved ones, through great pain.
"I pray he is searching for peace of mind as hard as I am. In the meantime I have a huge family of friends in the people I sing for."
"Music, the great healer. More fun than time too. Time just means waiting to heal, music reminds you right now that there's a good fucking reason to, that one day you will wake up and count your blessings again."

Heartache and divorce often lead to great music being made, so the new gaygaygay album could be a goodie.

* George's Twitter account currently appears blank, dunno if this means anything or it's just a temporary hitch.

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  1. His Twitter still says "Error On Page".
    Wonder what's up?