Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Richard Littlejohn: Bashing The Bishop BBC Again

That permanently offended nutball Richard Littlejohn has entered the fray of the Torchwood gaysex scene "storm of controversy" in a "think" piece in the Mail bashing the BBC [Bolsheviks Broadcasting Buggery] once more;
"Take the latest episode of Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off. It began with a seven-minute gay sex scene, which outraged many viewers. Why?
[Cause they're the sort of boring prudes who read The Daily Mail? Oh, that's not what you mean. Sorry. Do carry on...]
"The BBC says: ‘We aim to depict relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual, in an honest and realistic way.’ Fair enough. But what on earth has sex got to do with a science fiction show? Why does the lead character have to be a ‘pansexual’? They’ll be telling us next that the Daleks all wore bondage gear under their tinfoil armour.
"But this is what you get when you hire a proselytising homosexual like Russell T. Davies to write mainstream drama. Gifted writer he may be, but he comes with an agenda.
"There is a place for exploring gay themes on TV, but not at prime time on BBC1 in a programme watched by many children and their parents [It was shown after the watershed]."
"No doubt Davies and his producers will dismiss anyone who objects as a ‘homophobe’. But you don’t have to be a prude or a bigot to disapprove of a gratuitous seven-minute sex scene in a sci-fi series.
It would have been equally unnecessary if it had involved a man and a woman, instead of two men. Of course, there’s always the ‘off’ switch. And it’s not as if there aren’t hundreds of other channels out there. But we’re paying for this through our licence fees.
"BBC drama, like its news output, is always refracted through the prism of the metropolitan prejudices held by the people who work there and take their world view from the pages of the Guardian..."

It's classic Littlejohn, isn't it?
Well, when I say "classic" I mean it reads like a list of illiberal cliches that could have been churned out by the Versificator at The Ministry Of Truth in 1984.
How ironic that Mr Littlejohn accuses the BBC of "churning out some appalling dross".
Why oh why don't we just privatise the BBC and sell it to a fine upstanding gentleman like Richard Desmond?

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