Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes: Monkey Magic

Just watched Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.
It's teh awesome.
Right up there with the best of the Apes movies.
And more than makes up for that Tim Burton "Re-imagining" abortion.
It's basically a beautiful man-monkey love story between James Franco and Caesar.
James just flashes his winning smile a lot.
Fine by me.
And very timely - you could imagine a Sun front page; "Shop A Monkey: Name And Shame A Revolting Ape".
Next stop Project Nim...


  1. OMG I just saw it! Amazing fillum!!!
    Going to see it again...

  2. Isn't it?
    I thought about watching it again today!
    Managed to stop myself - maybe the weekend.

    BUT!!!! I know Caesar wanted to be with his own monkeykind and that, but when JF comes to take him away why doesn't he go with him?
    Is it cos he was coming down off the ALZ DRUGZ or something?
    I'm not good with fillums, if anything lasts over an hour there's always my bit where my brain gives up. :(

  3. I don't think he was coming down off the ALZ drugs, 'cause I don't think he was ever taking them - the drug his mother was given is what affected him in the womb. I'm pretty sure he wasn't given any drugs after Franco took him home as a chimp.
    I think he was going to go with Franco but looked over at the ape that he'd become close with and decided he didn't need the Franco no mo'. :(

    I'd have gone home with Franco. :'(

  4. Oh.
    That means I understood it even less then. :(

  5. I saw it as a fillum about the rise of the underclass and the sickness was like Capitalism and that, yeah? And the relationship between Caesar and Franco was a relationship of homolove between not only two "men" but also two species - ie. those of the underclass and those of the oppressors; only like the underclass are the more civilised, yeah? And Caesar turns away from his self-hating closeted love (Franco shuts his lover in the attic for years) once he finds people of his own kind in his own class. He still loves The Franco 'cause he be hot and everything, but he needs to be open about himself and La Franco will always be closeted because of the inherant homophobia of like the Hollywood studio system and that, yeah?
    That's why his final line in the film to Franco is "Caesar is homo". :'(
    Then he rushes off and climbs up a huge tree (phallus) while the other "apes" make loud approving sounds.

    I also has a theory as to why Franco and Caesar are both named after dictators, but that will have to wait for another time...

  6. I just went to see some RAMPAGING THROUGH THE CITY, cos i not seen that for a week now.
    it was good. i like it.

  7. I predict an Oscar for the orangutan.