Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Channel 4: Dwarves 7

"Jamie John is 22-years-old and lives on site in a caravan at Potters Leisure resort near Great Yarmouth, where he works as an entertainer. At 4ft 8in he is the tallest in the house. A lively and flamboyant character with lots of friends, Jamie John has an alter-ego, Miss DQ, as part of a tall-small drag act with his friend Lee.
"Jamie cites his dad as one of his heroes - he was also a dwarf and a performer until he passed away five years ago when he was taken ill during rehearsals for a pantomime production with Jamie. After panto season, Jamie John is taking his Miss DQ routine to venues in the Stoke-on-Trent area.
"One of his favourite phrases is ‘I'm a diva and proud of it!'"

From the Channel 4 press pack for Seven Dwarves - which starts tonight at 9pm.
"The brand new observational documentary series follows the lives of seven dwarf actors as they live together and perform in a production of Snow White in Woking"
Well done Channel 4 - this looks like it's gonna be pure class and in no way exploitative or voyeuristic.
Here's Miss DQ - "THE UK'S FIRST DWARF DRAG QUEEN" - lipsyncing to It's Raining Men at Fierce, Stoke On Trent's most glamorous gay venue.
Dontcha just wish you were there!!!!

Channel 4's Remit.

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