Friday, 19 August 2011

Will Young: Butt Naked

What's the biggest packing mistake you've made?
"I always forget to pack swimming trunks. I don't know why; I just seem to have a mental block. I now possess a collection of really bad swimming trunks from various hotels and markets around the world."

Will Young does a gripping Holiday Heaven And Hell Q&A in the Daily Telegraph's travel section.
He's promoting his new album, Echoes.
Fagburn wishes him well, but it seems as far as medialand are concerned his star is clearly on the wane.
Hence his press officer has to shoehorn him into the Telegraph via the travel supplement, rather than a proper interview.
There's an interview with Will in the current issue of Attitude.
Once he would have been a shoo-in for the front cover - but they've given it over to some straight bloke from Shameless.
Mr Young posted the above photo of himself on Twitter last year - we know not why.
Sorry - I interrupted.
What's your best piece of travel advice, Will?
"I always say travel light. And this comes from a gay man, and obviously it's a gay man's prerogative to travel with about three million suitcases. You never know. In the past I would pack for any eventuality. I might stumble upon a fiesta, say, so I might need some frilly shirts. Who knows? But I've learnt to try to tame that, so I would say travel light. You only need a certain amount of things. If you really need something else, you can always go out and buy it."


  1. That doesn't look anything like Will Young.
    Hot bod, whoever it is!

    And continuing my shamelessly superficial theme: I hate the fact that most of the cover stars on the two main gay magazines seem to be straight celebs these days, but re the latest Attitude cover star being Ciaran Griffiths.

  2. is it just me or does Will Young have a cock shaped like a shoe?

  3. Is that a shoe covering his schlong???
    I can't really make out what it is. :(
    Who knew Will Young - of Will Young fame - had such a fetching bod, though? Who knew, Fagburn, who knew!!?

  4. There's got to be at least two videos where she's practically nud.

  5. Didn't realise you were such a Will Young fan, Fagburn.
    I avoid his music and videos myself.
    Being a man of discerning tastes.
    Still, each to his own. :)

    She has got a nice bod, though...

  6. Here's an interview from the DAILY MAIL today that neatly brings together both of today's big stories; Will "Amazeballs" Young and Codaddies...

  7. Here's Will "doing" Running Up That Hill.

    Not sure what to make of it - sounds as if he's trying too hard to sing it like it's fulla deep meaning...