Thursday, 25 August 2011

Will Young: Well Done

"Pop Idol made people look at what their prejudices might be.
"So if they voted for this guy all along? They liked him, felt passionate about him, got caught up in the TV show - then suddenly, do they have to think, 'Oh, well I'm not gonna buy his music because he's gay?'.
"That show, rather than me, was very important for gay rights. And sexual equality."

Radio Times.

Is this a joke?
You were in the closet all during Pop Idol, and you only came out after because the News of The World were going to out you.
How exactly is that "very important for gay rights"?
You posh tit.

1 comment:

  1. And Pop Idol/The X Factor do everything they can to keep the gay contestants in the closet while the show's on.
    It's like that fucktard from Ocean Colour Scene saying - in The Sun - that The Sun outing him was a good thing.