Friday, 19 August 2011

Word Of The Month: Codaddies

Hey! I just read this word in an American syndicated column by Cindy Adams, A Nation Of Tolerant Fatties.
"America is becoming more tolerant. Accommodating gay marriage. Fine with codaddies raising babies. Adjusting to two nonbiological mommies having children. Getting used to pregnant high school teens who flunk math but get A+ in biology..."
I thought what a great word for the gay (media) mania of the year, but despite all the babble about Gay Dads I couldn't recall having heard it before.
After a quick look on Google exhaustive research it looks like its a neologism.
A brand spanking new word!
Straight from the fridge, codaddy!
I think.
Sean Hayes - you remember, Jack from off of Will & Grace - is rumoured to be close to signing up to a new US TV comedy about codaddies, incidentally.
We live in strange and mysterious times.
Pass it on...

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