Sunday, 11 September 2011

Big Brother: And Your Name Is Harry...

"Without posh people we wouldn't have the nation we do today.
"Money makes the world go round. I want to be a millionaire by 25 - it's looking good so far.
"I'm heavily involved with hunting which is getting a lot of people's backs up."
The 23-year-old, who has a milkshake business, was booed as he entered the house.
Harry has a girlfriend of a couple of months - not to mention a dog and 15 horses.
But he wants to keep his options open. He said: "I'd love to be a gay icon - if you have both fields and decide women are not for you you can turn to the other one."

Oh do fuck off, you big posh spaz!


  1. This guy is a big posh shit.

  2. I hate posh people me...

  3. Harry is a racist, this hasnt come out on big bro yet. none of his "businesses" have yet sold any products. he lives with his mum, who owns the 15 horses. despite all the public schooling, he only has 2 poor grade GCSE's. He is an incompetant dreamer who thinks his privilge makes him better than others, but has messed up everything he has tried. -old school mate.