Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blendr: Flaw In Plan!

"Sceptics have long said that the anonymous and openly sexual approach of Grindr, whose users trade 450,000 photos per day in search of new 'dates', would not be a hit with the straight community - and would put off women in particular.
"Switching on the app, almost everyone one on Blendr so far seems to be a man - only two out of the 40 nearest users were women.
"From a location in central London, the nearest potential 'dates' ranged from a middle aged (and married) man one kilometre away interested in musicals and nightlife, to a dark glasses wearing young man interested in football, snowboarding, and 'Medical'.
"Users are also very shy. Having left the 'app' live and showing a location for over an hour, no one had got in touch.
"Other interests offered by the site include 'Accountancy' - so using Blendr to find friendship, as the site's creators advise, may end in disaster..."

The Daily Mail's Rob Waugh roadtests Blendr - the straight version of "the 'dating' app" Grindr.
Interestingly it was the broadsheets, not the tabloids, who gave Grindr/Blendr a nice free ad for the launch this week.
Ah, the twilight world of the heterosexual...

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