Friday, 9 September 2011

Bradley Manning: The Cult Of Secrecy

'A report for Europe's human rights watchdog has called for greater scrutiny of secret services and support for whistleblowers.
The Council of Europe investigated how countries like Britain, Germany, Romania and Lithuania assisted the US with the rendition of terror suspects.
It said a "cult of secrecy" had helped Western governments cover up abuses.
Defending "whistleblowers", it singled out US soldier Bradley Manning, accused of passing secrets to Wikileaks.
He had "acted as a whistleblower and should be treated as such", CoE rapporteur Dick Marty wrote in the report, which was due to be submitted to the CoE's Parliamentary Assembly.
The soldier is currently in a US military prison awaiting trial for passing restricted material to the controversial website...'

BBC News.
And the cunts who shoot people get away with it...

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