Thursday, 22 September 2011

Daily Mail: Stop Dehumanizing Transgender People

In a September 19, 2011 article about expanding passport gender options to include a third identity, the Daily Mail referred to "transgender people" in its headline. Placing the phrase in quotation marks negates the existence of an entire group of people.

Tell the Daily Mail to stop dehumanizing transgender people.

The article's author, James Slack, also referred to intersex people in quotes. To add further insult, the article also uses inappropriate, insensitive terms like "sex-swap" to describe transgender people.

When she read the story, Care2 activist Jennifer P. created a petition demanding an apology from the Daily Mail. She writes:

Transgender and intersex people deserve to be treated just like any other group of people--with respect and without quotation marks.

Kathleen J.
Care2 Campaign Team.
If you read the piece in the Mail you eventually find out this isn't actually happening.
Well done The Mail!

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