Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Daily Mail: We Tell Lies For A Living

A very nice man at the Office For National Statistics has kindly sent me a link to the "Survey" on opposition to gay marriage as cited in The Daily Mail article 'Conservative UK: Most Britons still oppose gay marriage'
There's a pdf here.
And as I pointed out it's five years old, so the use of the word "still" is quite bafflingly mad.
And people weren't actually asked "Do you support gay marriage?"
And it's got nothing to do with the Office of National Statistics - it's just mentioned in a footnote (number 31).
Strictly entre-nous, I get the impression ONS are as pissed off with this as the rest of us.
The Mail is refusing to print corrections to this crapola - and is even blocking people from pointing out it is a total fiction on its message boards.
And if you think the Press Complaints Commission are going to do anything you're stupid.
So why not phone up the man who made this crap up - Steve Doughty - directly on 020 7938 6340 or email steve.doughty@dailymail.co.uk and tell the lying fucker how you feel?
And it is shameful that some braindead jerk at The Pink Paper or The Advocate can just reprint this crap without questioning it.
Your gay press at work!

Update: Sorry, I should have said that the actual FACTS on that ONS report make for very interesting reading.

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