Friday, 23 September 2011

European Diversity Awards: Ever Had The Feeling You've Been Cheated?

"More than 50 demonstrators bearing placards proclaiming “The Great European Diversity Swindle” congregated outside the Savoy Hotel in the Strand to object to a corporate event marking the European Diversity Awards. Individuals nominated for awards included journalists Julie Bindel and Paul Burston. Corporate nominations included RBS, Vodafone, Lloyds and United Health Group. The nomination of Ms Bindel attracted particular fury; Bindel has previously been criticised for her controversial views about transsexual people, her article claiming Asian men habitually groom white girls for sexual abuse and her commentary on “Stickergate”, the response to the Gay-Free Zone sticker campaign in Tower Hamlets earlier this year.
"Protestors explained that the minimum £250 per head junket represented the worst excesses of corporate Britain. “These events are supposed celebrate to the work and commitment of passionate individuals, groups and businesses that have made a positive impact in improving the lives of others. That may be true of some of the nominees. However others are questionable. The presence of some, in addition to Ms Bindel; £6bn tax dodgers Vodafone, and United Health Group, would-be profiteers from the NHS sell-off, suggest an agenda of mutual self-gratification rather than social inclusion. “This is not a celebration of diversity as we would recognise it,” said organisers Natacha Kennedy, Ronan McNern and Rebecca Shaw.
"The European Diversity Awards was promoted by publishing group Square Peg Media in aid of the charity the Inclusive Foundation. Square Peg titles include G3, which has previously featured articles by Julie Bindel. Enquiries of the Charities Commission reveal that the Inclusive Foundation was founded in February 2011 by Linda Riley and Sarah Garrett, both of whom are directors of Square Peg."

Statement by Queer Resistance and others.
Fagburn is holding its first annual awards ceremony in December.
Tickets cost just £300 - Nick Griffin has agreed to host.


  1. What has Julie Brindel done that has riled you so much Fagburn? I have kept up with the transgender thing but don't understand the 'Stickergate' reference. Is she now a 'fascist' because she called out the homophobes at the east london mosque?

  2. Hi,

    The above is a statement by Natacha Kennedy, Ronan McNern and Rebecca Shaw.