Friday, 23 September 2011

Fagburn: Question

"Oh - what's the bloody point?"
Everyone is stupid.
You are stupid.
Kenneth Williams was stupid.
I am stupid.


  1. I think the point is work, sadly... :(

  2. What does that mean?

  3. Work is the point.
    Ideals are essential, but it's the working towards them that matters - the ideal itself doesn't - the end, I mean, is neither here nor there.
    Work is the point...

  4. No the end is the point. A better world. Then after that, the point is whatever you want it to be.

  5. Work? SO not the point. I'm going off this blog. You're just angry at everyone and everyone's angry at everyone else andnotmuch is constructive :-(

  6. "Work? SO not the point. I'm going off this blog. You're just angry at everyone and everyone's angry at everyone else andnotmuch is constructive"

    I never wrote my first comment in anger, I was perfectly calm and it's a considered opinion.
    Rather than storming off in a queeny fit of pique, why not tell me/us why it isn't the point then. Or what you think the point is?
    I believe that's how debate works in civilised circles...


  7. "No the end is the point. A better world."

    Then you're wasting your actual present on an imaginary future. Head in the clouds stuff. The way to "a better world" is to take care of injustices or unfairness in the present (but then not everyone sees a fairer more equal world as being better) - the future will take care of itself.
    Too much emphasis on the future and better worlds than on the present and you end up with all sorts of acts being justified to reach that "better world" - as we've seen in recent history.

    The idea that there's a better world out there and once we've attained it we can all live happily ever after is so counter-intuitive, though. All large societies have constantly changed throughout history - nothing stays the same.
    It seems that way to me, anyway...

  8. Also, when I said "work" I don't just be meaning working for The Man or whatever, I mean raising a family is work and building a long-term relationship is work and studying is work and gardening is work and writing, painting, drawing etc is work - the Queer Resistance protests is be being work.
    I'm sure there are loads of people with plenty of money and/or time on their hands for whom the point is "enjoying life" or travelling, or love or art or whatever, but most of the world's population can't enjoy these things and so saying these luxuries are the point of life is saying that most people's lives on this planet are pointless - I prefer to see the point of life as something which unites us - we are all the same in the end...

  9. And on that note: you be close to your 1000th post of 2011, Fagburn!!!!!
    What a year, what a year...