Monday, 26 September 2011

Fagburn: A Short Break

Sorry, I'm really pissed off and angry with the world, writing this blog has been very satisfying but it's just making me rage right now, so I'm going to to take a break.
The monumental stupidity of some people makes me wonder why I bother.
Probably best if I disappear for a bit so you don't have to listen to my stupid random rants.
Read Marx - Class is all.
Read Bakunin - You don't need any fucking leaders.
Read Russell - Maybe we could be rational one day.
Read Gramsci - On the spectacular achievements of hegemony.
Read Wittgenstein - "The world is all that is the case."
Read Chomsky - On the spectacular achievements of propaganda.
How about questioning things instead of believing everything you're told?
But the world won't listen!
Oy vey!


  1. Oh well, that's a shame.
    This is pretty much the only site I read apart from The Daily Mail, of course, and a forum for paraplegics.
    Now to find a radical gay blogger who hasn't given up...
    Enjoy your rest, Fagburn... thoroughly deserved.
    Thanks for making me fink.

  2. Sorry you're taking a break - I've become a fan.
    Take care

  3. So sad ... I'll miss it

  4. it's a fag break