Sunday, 18 September 2011

Foo Fighters: Vs Westboro Baptist Church

So Foo Fighters released another of their homo promos last month, Hot Buns.
So the God-fearing fag-hating Westboro Baptist Church turned up to picket their gig in Kansas City.
So Foo Fighters protested their protest.
So cool.
So Foo you!

• Kevin Smith's new film, Red State, is kinda inspired by Westboro Baptist Church...


  1. More worldwide publicity for the Westboro Baptist Church!
    Phelps is a GENIUS!!!!

  2. ...with a bit of "hick"-mocking snobbery thrown in for good measure.
    AMAZEBALLS!!! :)

  3. Why is it mocking "hicks"??

  4. Well who are they supposed to be dressed as???
    Not the Phelps clan certainly.
    The "we all love to watch lesbians" bit is either genuine or more hick-bashing (that certainly isn't aimed at Phelps' people, is it?).

    So you've got a bunch of rich white people mocking hicks and "sticking it" to Shirley Phelps by driving up on a huge truck with huge amps.
    So brave. So cool.

    As I said, it's just more publicity for Phelps - more publicity for (the truly dreadful) Foo Fighters and a nice chance for the rest of us to point and laugh at some mentalists. :)

  5. But they are not pretending to be "dumb hicks" - maybe you should listen to what Grohl sings and says.
    Just a thought...

    I'm pleased you show such sympathy for Team Phelps though - verily you are Jesus.

  6. Who are they pretending to be then?

  7. As for showing sympathy for "Team Phelps" - his family are mentally ill.
    Like all cult members. The evil cunt has brainwashed them.
    Yes, I do feel sorry for them.
    But the point is, they'd be nobodies if it wasn't for self-righteous white liberals using them as easy targets and in the process giving them worldwide fame.
    You do the math. :)

  8. a) They're certainly not pretending to be dumb, or tereotyping Southerners" as "dumb" "hicks".

    b) You're quite right - we must not protest against bigotry. I hadn't really thought about it like that, to be honest.

  9. a) yet you can't actually tell me what they're pretending to be. funny that.

    b) that shit really is beneath you, you know, despite the fact you resort to it so much.

  10. They are "pretending to be" reasonable, rational non-bigoted people in a Southern band...

  11. Looks like it's suicide again for me. :'(


  12. I really can't fathom how you could fail to think that was a fantastic thing to do.

  13. Hmmm, well, the publicity thing still stands.
    And I've seen you making the exact same point on Queerty (I think - somewhere anyway) about not giving them publicity.
    I'm still not entirely sure what the intended outcome is.
    If they wanted to, in your words, protest against bigotry, then why not go over to them and tell them why they're wrong?
    This isn't really a protest. It's nice publicity for Foo Fighters but it's just a shame it had to give so much free publicity to the WBC at the same time.

    I really can't fathom why you think it's so fantastic.